5 Tips to Give your kitchen a makeover

A kitchen is important for any household, so whether you are looking to make it the heart of your home or you’re putting it on the market, a kitchen can make or break a home.

Here are our 5 top tips for renovating your kitchen:

The Quick Renovation

If you’re short on time and you can’t opt for a full on overhaul, here are some quick tips to add value and revamp the space.

  • Upgrade the appliances; a new cooking surface, dishwasher, kettle, fridge or even a toaster will not only look brilliant but they’ll be great to use.
  • New bench tops; if the joinery in your kitchen is in good condition, then you can replace the bench tops. They one of the features that are used the most and also the most visible.
  • Upgrade the joinery and lighting; replacing things such as the cupboard doors and the drawer fronts will give your kitchen an instant visual upgrade. Adding modern lighting in the kitchen will also make the design look better. If the joinery is in good condition then a simple thing to do is just add a new coat of paint.

Optimise the layout

It’s about having enough comfortable space in the correct areas of your kitchen. Think about how the kitchen will be used; your prep surface should be located close to the bin so it’s easy to get rid of waste, your dishwasher for example should not block a lot of the kitchen space when opened. Draw up a plan before you get started.

Install an island

I love the islands you can get for your kitchen. The kitchens that have them seem more spacious, more organized and better designed. The island has a gravitational pull to it and it’s a place where people will gather.

Buy the correct appliances

Functionality and quality are the keywords here. If you’re going to be buying a lot of appliances at one time then it makes sense to buy from the same brand; you may be able to get a discount and the design will be consistent too.

Don’t ignore the floor

A top kitchen designer recommends that the kitchen floor needs to be consistent. He advises that the flooring should match the rest of the room, that way the floor design flows through so the space feels connected and spacious.


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