Best Glamping Locations Around The Globe

Of all the things to have come into style, camping was probably the most surprising but the rise of glamping has seen sleeping under the stars become a very chic way to spend your night. This craze has taken of all over the world and you can find luxury glamping options in a large number of countries. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway,  a retreat with the family or for a good time with friends, glamping is a great way to do it. Discover these luxury and colourful glamping spots to sleep out in style on your next trip.

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The Roundhouse, Cornwall, UK


An Ice-Aged cabin in the heart of the forest, pure privacy and within close proximity to the coast, The Roundhouse deceives as an old hut from the outside, but within the cabin you’ll find  warm and cosy rooms where you can relax and enjoy your time. A step outside the cabin and you are in the thick of the wilderness with nobody to keep you company except the birds, a beautiful way to spend your time away.

Treehotel, Sweden

If you want the ultimate glamping experience then this tree house in the Swedish forest is the perfect way to do just that. The treehouse is actually a  mirrored cube which almost can’t be seen with the naked eye when the sun shines down. Within this huge, camouflaged cube you will find a section of ‘tree rooms’ which vary in their design with some appearing like a birds nest, and others that look like a spaceship. On top of this, what better way to spend your night than to step outside of your treehouse and witness the spectacular Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

Eco Camp, Patagonia, Chile

Image Credit: The Chile Specialists

Patagonia is an incredible place to visit and a region of immense natural beauty. This makes the Chilean destination a perfect place for you to go glamping and the Eco Camp is by far and away the best place to do it. Set against the backdrop of the mountains and glaciers of Patagonia, this campsite features numerous pods where you can spend your nights. On the face of it these pods appear like wooden shacks but inside you’ll find luxury, warmth and the perfect place for you to lay down your head in style. When you wake up and step out of the pod, you will be greeted by the natural splendour of this region.

Tena Tena Camp, Zambia

Image Credit: Robin Pope Safaris

As we said, you can find glamping locations all over the world and this incredible camp in Zambia is testament to that. What better way to go searching for the big 5 game animals than to start off in a luxury campsite which has treetops for roofs. This campsite is set in Great Valley Rift in Lauangwa National Park, close to safari areas and completely isolated. After a day of animal chasing, you can retire to your luxury designed cabin and watch the spectacular African sunset, from the comfort of you luxury pod.

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