Building an extension when you have kids – what to remember!

Building a house extension is a big decision for any family. Making the decision to build an extension instead of moving to a bigger home means that you have a lot to consider. If you have kids then of course you want the new space to be suitable for them and one that they will enjoy.

When you’re building an extension for your family can be for many reasons, here are 3 top reasons to build one.

More Living Space

This is probably the number one reason. Adding more living space means that the kids will have more space to play in, more room for when guest visit/the kids have sleepovers, or just to simply have more room for your day to day living. Many people have a lot of unused space that is just waiting to be redesigned; this can be a loft or an unused basement. Those two types of extensions are the best because it’s much easier to obtain planning permission for them, they’ll also save you money when it comes to central heating. 

Family Harmony

Studies have shown that families that have more space will always have a higher level of family harmony. Extensions come with the added benefit of kids have less arguments about space, who gets to watch which tv show and separate areas to play with their friends. More space gives people more opportunity to relax and spend time by themselves if needed. If you add an extra bathroom it also means that people don’t have to get out of their relaxing bath to let someone use the toilet.

To Modernise your home

Extensions give you free reign to add extra design and style to your home. Modernising your home is easy to achieve with an extension – one of the favourite things to do is extend the amount of space you have for your kitchen. A lot of people add the extension and then bring down an internal wall to really open up their living area. The ideas and possibilities have no end, so do your research, talk to friends and designers to make sure you make the best decision possible?

Have you built an extension to your home or are you planning to? I’d love to hear how your kids enjoy their new space. It would also be really useful to all the readers if you have any top tips and ways to save money. Just jot everything down in the comment section below.

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