Cornwall – A Great Place To Live

Cornwall has long been one of the top destinations in the UK for domestic tourists. The reason for that is because it has everything you need to have the perfect holiday; the beach, traditional food, activities, great places to stay and it all comes for a great price.

I think that it has gone from being a great place to visit once in a few years, to a great place to buy a home – either for holiday or to live in full time. There is some fantastic property for sale in Cornwall right now, so it’s time we all started looking at our options before it’s too late.

Buying a home is of course a serious investment. We have drawn up a list of great reasons why Cornwall is the perfect place to buy your next property.

Living Expenses & Prices

We’re not going to write that Cornwall is the cheapest area to live in the UK, but if you compare it to the cost of London and other major cities, then you’re going to see that it’s very good value.

Great Investment

Not everyone buys a property in Cornwall to live in all year round. So if you’re buying it to use a few weeks a year, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to let it out during the rest of the year. Cornwall is one of the top holiday destinations in the UK, property in good locations in always sought by holiday makers to the coast.

The Location

Living on the coast is absolutely fantastic, the fresh ocean air, the sound of the sea makes your day so much better. It also gives you the opportunity to gaze upon some breath taking views each day you’re there – if you can, try to land yourself a property with a sea view, it’s worth the extra cost I promise.

Do you live in Cornwall or are you looking to buy a property there? I would love to hear all about your thoughts on the location, the property and any advice you might have for fellow readers. I am really looking forward to reading everything you guys have to share!



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