How to make sure your kids keep their rooms tidy!

Teaching your kids to keep their room tidy is a task that all parents have to overcome. Not only does it make your life easier but it also teaches them to be disciplined and understand respect for their living area.

More often than not a kid’s room can be complete mess, especially if they’ve had their friends over to play! They’ll be toy soldiers and lego everywhere.

Kids often rebel and don’t always play ball when it comes to tidying the room, so here are some fantastic tips for you to try.


The first thing you need to do is work out how messy the room is and how long you estimate it will take to clean it. Once you’ve worked all of the details out it’s time to assign a time when it will be cleaned – the day and if it will be morning/afternoon etc. When the time comes, tell your kid that you’re going to be taking away the electronics they use until the room is cleaned. Of course they will probably rebel but gently remind them that they’ll get them back as soon as everything is done.

No Time Limit

You should never set a time limit for when the work has to be completed by, this will only add stress, anger the kid and doesn’t always provide the needed motivation. If your child is rebelling then don’t worry and make sure you stick to your guns, it’s easy to give in but you shouldn’t!

Keep The Door Open

When they have final accepted that cleaning their room must be done ensure that the door remains open at all times. This way it’s easy to keep a check on the progress they’re making, plus you can also gently remind them about things they might have missed. 

Reward The Effort

Once all is said and done, it’s time to inspect their efforts. Make sure you check everywhere is clean, 100% completed and things have not been piled into a wardrobe. Once you’ve done that you can return any electronic items and also allow them access to other things such as the tv and home computer.

What sure fire tips would you recommend to other parents for getting their kids to keep the room tidy? I’m sure that all the parents out there would love to hear the ideas of others. Just put your experiences and tips in the comment section below, I know that I’ll be very thankful for your ideas!

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