How to save on your grocery shop – 5 tips

We all need to do grocery shopping, but the harsh reality is that we spend way too much! Here are 5 of my best tips to save money. I have been following these tips for a year now and I promise they genuinely work!

Switch Shops

Larger stores are know for offering great discounts on some items, but have you ever thought that maybe you’re not using the store that offers you the cheapest prices? The larger stores tend to be further from home and it really might not be worth the extra travel because you’re spending more on petrol each time. It’s well worth your time popping in to your local store because they might have some great bargains waiting for you.

Shop Ahead

Nearly everyone makes a shopping list for the items that they need at that time. Of course that is important, but it is also worth checking ahead to see what offers are on at the time. You might not need the product at that time, but you may be able to pick up some absolute bargains that you can use in the future. So don’t ignore 50% discounts if you’ll need the item in the future – a simple way to save a lot on your grocery shopping.

Plan Ahead

People don’t plan ahead and this is one of the key reasons why budgets fail! Sit down and plan every meal, including school packed lunches, to make sure that you’re buying the correct things. Don’t plan what you want to eat and then make a list – instead see what you already have and plan your meals around that, then you can see what extra you need to buy.

Use A Price Book

This is when you have to do a little research; you need to track the sale cycles of your store. When an item is on sale write the details down of the product (size, weight, price etc), then keep a close eye on their weekly sales, when you see the same item on sale note it down. This can help you plan when the next sale will take place and the savings you can make by buying in bulk.

Make Use of Coupons

People often neglect coupons but if you use them in the right way you can end up saving money. Don’t always use coupons as soon as you get them. It’s usually a better idea to hold on to them and use them when there is a sale, maximizing your savings.

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