A happy house means a happy family, right? At least in theory! We’re the Browns. Based in Michigan, USA but lived all over North America. Me, Eleanor, is the homemaker-cum-blogger while Norman is out crunching numbers day-to-day in accounts at a multinational. And our 3 little trouble makers spend most of the time undoing the work that I’ve done that day!

Money can be tight in a growing family, and I’ve always loved design and efficiency. Norman is the handiest of handymen, which  means we love nothing more than sinking our teeth into some home DIY projects. We try to avoid expensive tradesmen and interior designs, and we take it ALL on ourselves, for better or worse!

So come along for the ride. Learn from our successes and learn even more from our plentiful mistakes. I often chat about how I managed the household and how we, as a team, manages our finances, so I hope it helps even a little bit!

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