Renovating a room for $500, is it possible?

The simple answer to the title of this post is YES, yes you can renovate a room for $500. Anything is possible if you’re strict with your budget.

To prove that you can renovate a room for $500 we have chosen to show you how it’s possible to remodel your bathroom. It’s easy to do, I did it recently by following some very simple tips.

These 5 easy changes will transform your bathroom and all for under $500!

Makeover the cabinets ($90)

Giving the cabinets a makeover will instantly transform the bathroom. Obviously getting a carpenter in will be super expensive, so checkout RustOleum’s Cabinet Transformations, with this you can get a high end look for a fraction of the price. 

Fresh coat of paint ($35)

Adding a splash of colour is the easiest way to change the feel of any room in your house. Head down to your local paint shop with any colour you like and they’ll create it for you, you can paint yourself which also keeps the price down.

Update lighting ($70)

Lighting can really add to the design and give a modern feel. I love the look of lights around one of the mirrors in the bathroom, it gives it a real decorative feel.

Art ($70)

If you don’t have much of a view from the bathroom then you need to update the scenery. Art work which is bright, has interesting colours is the perfect thing to liven up your bathroom. Sometimes personal photos or souvenirs from your latest holiday add a nice touch.

Linens ($70)

Don’t forget that your linens need to be thought through with care. The linens in your bathroom need to be functional but at the same time stylish. Pay attention to the colours around your bathroom and select a colour that will compliment it. If you make the correct choice, the right linen can transform a simple towel rack in to piece of art!

After these changes you will have some dollars left to add the finishing touches by buying some simple accessories, you’ll be well within your $500 budget! Have you transformed a room in your house for under $500? I would love to hear how you did it, how much you spent and anything you learnt during the process. Just pop your experiences in the comment section below. I’m looking forward to reading them all.

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