Spoiled Pooches

A mans best friend is certainly his dog and with the number of dog owning celebrities and models gracing the red carpets and catwalks it is no surprise that a booming industry in luxury pet items has sprung forth to fill the gap. Even some of the top fashion houses are getting in on the act with the likes of Gucci and Luis Vuitton firing out some high end products for those with the cash to spend pampering their pet – a Haute House bed for your pooch will set you back in the region of $1500!

People don’t only just spend their money on making their pets lives comfortable. Some of the major brands will also outfit your pets depending on what you want. It’s not unusual to see dogs walking around Central Park in New York sporting some of the latest fashion trends. Be it tracksuits or sweaters and shorts there are plenty to choose from. Why not try a nice doggie trench coat for $65 or even a sweater from the same fashion house for $70. Some of the sportswear brands can even kit you out with a custom pair of doggie sneakers if you fancy taking out the pooch for a spot of exercise.

Most people like to buy these products at a really good price and for some a rattan dog basket is more than enough to keep their dogs happy in the land of nod. A cheaper pampering option for your pet might be a trip down to the local pet beauty salon. These places have lots of stuff on offer and not just the usual shampoo and blow dry. If you have a long haired pet why not check out the most up to date haircuts or even a spot of hair coloring. Poodles often suit a nice color to the hair on the top of their heads. You can also get your pets a nice manicure to keep those claws nice and trim and stop them scratching you inadvertently.

Another treat that has become available recently has been the pet hotel. Owners can drop their pets off here for an overnight stay or longer, or they can leave them there for a few hours to hang out with some of the residents.

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