Sprucing up your picture frames

Arts and crafts first found its foothold in England in the late 19th century and began as small cottage industries where people would use traditional styles of craftsmanship to create small items for sale at local craft and country fairs. It soon became an actual form of art with the establishment of the arts and craft movement in1887 as the style quickly spread through Europe and North America. Some of its best known works were produced by the likes of William Morris and John Rukin.

However, you do not need to be a professional designer to enjoy the benefits of your own handywork and many nightschools offer courses in various arts and crafts, some of which you might consider below. Essentially what you are trying to achieve is some form of work that you have created using traditional methods and materials. One of the first to try is making your own pots and decorative vases out of clay. The potters wheel is difficult to master but once you have the hang of it the results can be extremely rewarding.

If that seems a little beyond your scope of skill then try something that you might find more relaxing like embroidery or cross stitching. These are becoming increasingly popular and if you are not much of an artist then do not worry as pre-printed kits can be bought that come complete with fabric, cotton and needles that you will need. When you have finished your handiwork why not display it in a frame in the hall of your house. Speaking of picture frames there is no need to go out and by an expensive decorative frame. Just buy a plain one and spruce up your picture frame yourself.

There are a number of ways to decorate your frames to enhance your work for example by painting it in colours which match your d├ęcor or by using decorative stickers, adding bows or combining any of these ideas. If you feel really creative why not go out into the garden and collect things to create a really organic frame. You could also utilize the craft of drying flowers to add to your frame later if you want something a lot more permanent. Hopefully some of the ideas listed above will inspire you to find your creative side and join the arts and crafts movement.

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