Tips On Finding a Dentist In Your New Address

If you have just moved to a new address you will need to ensure that you have all of your healthcare options lined up, located the nearest hospital, register with your GP and of course, find yourself a greta dentist. I was in this boat last year after moving to London, and had to try and find a Harley Street dentist who I was happy with. For many people, a good dentist is hard to find and in my view there are some out there who provide a port experience. Instead of traipsing around from clinic to clinic, here is how I would recommend that you find that new dentist.


If you have already met some your neighbors or you already have friends or family that live in near you, be sure that you ask them which dentists that they use and why. Word of mouth is still the every best marketing tool and you should tap into the resources around you to find where the best dentist can be found.


Word of mouth comes in many forms and if you do not have anyone that you can have a chat to, take a look online and see the dentist options around you, and then have a look at what kind of reviews they have been given online. Be careful with online reviews as they can be manipulated to read more positively than they should, make sure that you are only looking at dentists which have had a good few hundred reviews or more.

Making Appointments

The key to getting the best dentist is to find out for yourself, so once you have made a list of the potential candidates in your area, it is time to go and try them out. Call each dentist on your list, try to make this a maximum of 3, and then set up a checkup. What you should be looking for here is what the service is like on the phone, how quickly you can get booked in and then when you are in the dentist, review the service and how comfortable you feel. Feel free to ask questions when you are in the dentists such as how long they have been there and general questions about what they do, see what they try to sell you as well. Another important question to ask is how many dentists there are in the surgery, personally I like to see the same dentist each time, so any clinic with a revolving door of dentists may not be the best option.

Do not be afraid to change your dentists after a few months if you are not happy, after all this is why we make a list. Equally if you have a family, be sure to make an appointment for each one, to ensure that everyone is happy with the chosen dentist. This is important as everyone should feel comfortable and relaxed when they do need to go to the dentist.

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