Top Tips To Help You Avoid Too Many Trips To The Dentist

We all know that dentists do a remarkable job and wed be in great trouble without them, in spite of this however, it is fair to say that many of us do not enjoy going. There are 2 reasons for going to the dentist, the first is for a checkup and the second is because you have a problem, the former is fine, but we would all like to avoid the latter. I have some great dentists in Falmouth and they always make me feel very comfortable and very relaxed, thankfully I have only even been in for checkups. If you want to avoid any visits to the dentists with serious issues, here is how to avoid it.


It may sound bizarre that going to the dentist can help you avoid going to the dentist but that is exactly what I recommend. The more checkups that you go in for, the easier it will be for the dentist to work out if you have any underlying issues. If this is the case then your dentist will be able to spot it and treat it, before it escalates to something bigger. Many think that avoiding the dentist is the best option, I say the opposite.


You should be brushing your teeth in the morning and at nighttimes, as well as doing so as often as you can after eating. When you brush your teeth, you need to use a small headed toothbrush, and be sure that you brush in circular motions, including the gums in your routine. To get even better results when cleaning your teeth, you need to try and use floss, which can get into those hard to reach areas, and remove all plaque and food which remains.

Avoiding Damage

There are many things which can cause damage to your teeth which you should look to avoid. Firstly any vices which you may have such as drinking excessively or smoking should be knocked on the head very quickly if you want to keep your teeth healthy. In terms of food and rinks, be aware that coffee, tea and red wine can stain your teeth easily, so be sure that you are brushing after consuming them. In terms of other foods and drinks, you really need to be careful with how much sugar you are taking on board. The problem is that sugar sticks to the enamel fo your teeth, and can be hard to remove, once you finally do remove it, it can pull off enamel with it, leaving your teeth weak and prone to problems.


Finally it is very important that you protect your teeth if you are going to be doing anything which could see them get damaged. For example if you play rugby or box for exercise, you should always wear a mouthguard as not doing so can leave your teeth at risk.

Follow these steps and you’ll only need to go to the dentist when it is absolutely necessary.

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