Using your garage for more than your car

With some simple DIY work you can make your garage much more than a place to park your car. Usually a garage is a place where we park the family cars and then throw everything else in that we don’t want to use.

With some simple DIY hacks, you can transform your garage in to a much more useful space as well as making it aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

More space for garden tools

There’s always a load of garden tools that are just piled up in the corner of the garage. Not only are they not nice to look at but they can also be dangerous if left in the wrong way. So the best thing to do is to put them on a wall rack. A wall rack is easy to make and makes your garage look much more organized. All you need is two wooden boards and a handsaw. You can simply screw the boards in to the wall and place your tools neatly. 

Ceiling storage

If you’ve got a small garage then don’t think that you don’t have any additional space for storage, because you do! Instead of utilizing the floor space, look up and see how you can use the roof area. If you buy some large plastic containers you will easily be able to slide them on the rafters. Of course you can’t but anything too heavy up there, but it’s the ideal place to put things such as Christmas decorations and old mementos that you don’t need to have out all the time. A simple but very effective way to store your items.

Create your own room

If you’ve got a garage that is big enough for two cars but you only have one then it’s time to have a bit of fun with the space. You could create a little family den, play room for the kids or even add a small bar for you and your friends to enjoy at the weekend. You’ll only need a sofa and desk, maybe some tables to make it a space that anyone in the family can use. If you want to really create your own little rec room for a place where your friends can relax then think about buying a large shelving unit you can attach to the wall, then just add the bottles and glasses!

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